Building for the Stars

  • Log Line: Amazing people build unique one of a kind, high end rustic furniture for celebrities while giving back to the community.
  • Synopsis: Straight out of upstate New York master woodsman Jonathan Sweet, aka The Godfather, walks through the woods finding twigs and branches and turns that raw wood into vintage high end furniture. His work mate Ted Gatto creates ideas and goofs off while Jeremy Lynn, the Boss, keeps everyone in check and makes things happen through a loud voice and lots of yelling.
  • Genre: Reality Show

Billy Bo Jr

  • Log Line: While battling the loss of his father and friends to fire, Billy, along with his genius friend Sunny, create the fire suit of the future and Billy Bo Jr. becomes the first real life super hero.
  • Synopsis: After losing his heroic father to arson, Billy runs away trying to escape the pain only to be brought back and become a firefighter himself. After another death of a close friend Billy can’t take it anymore and quits. While watching TV, Billy has an idea and calls up his genius friend Sunny. Billy and Sunny meet and create the fire suit of the future. With the new suit Billy is impervious to fire and becomes the first real life super hero.
  • Genre: Action/Drama

Fake it tell you make it

  • Log Line: A down and out burger flipper quits his job for the last time and heads to LA where he meets a rag tag bunch of house mates and convinces them to make the best movie ever, or so they think.
  • Synopsis: Neil lives a boring everyday life, he had ambitions once but now those are a thing of the past. Neil spends his day taking orders and flipping burgers at a Burger joint down the street. When Neil talks back to a customer his skateboarding teen boss puts him on toilet detail but this time Neil won’t have it. He quits his job for the 10th time and storms out the door. Depressed, Neil grips the phone and starts to dial his boss’s number, but while watching his favorite movie “One Flew Over the Coocoos Nest” he has a revelation. Neil hangs up the phone and decides to follow his dream, to be the best director ever.
  • Genre: Dark Comedy

The Truth

    • Log Line: A brilliant Chemist searching for the truth of the afterlife ends up injecting his own serum to avenge his daughter’s death in the depths of Hell.
    • Synopsis: This movie follows the life of Johnny as he grows and contemplates the afterlife. Working in the science field he discovers a serum which can freeze the body, essentially killing it, and reanimate it after a short while. While rushing home to tell his family about the discovery his daughter is brutally killed by their neighbor. After a 3 day search ensues the neighbor is caught and while trying to escape gets killed by Johnny’s brother Jimmy. Upon hearing the news Johnny rushes home, injects himself with the serum, and gets sent to hell to find his daughter’s killer and avenge her death.


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